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What is schoolboard?

  • SchoolBoard is an easy to use mobile app platform showcasing news, school tours, sports teams schedules, events, extra curricular activities, what's for lunch, and anything else you want to share.                     
  • Download the SchoolBoard mobile app in the iOS app store and Google Play Store. Select your school and take advantage of the easiest to use school app platform that didn't cut any corners!
What is SchoolBoard?

schoolboard advantage

  • Whether you're a student, parent, alumni, teacher, school administrator, or just a fan, SchoolBoard let's users follow their favorite activities easier than ever. 
  • Are you sick of needing multiple mobile app for your children's schools? Whether it's the lunch menu app, the events app, the teacher app, or the sports app - it's a few too many. SchoolBoard gets the job done with the one app!
SchoolBoard Advantage

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  • The SchoolBoard admin website enables schools to easily upload any and all of their content. Do you have a Fencing Team? Great. The SchoolBoard Platform puts you in the driver's seat.
  • Have an idea? We hope you will! SchoolBoard is built to grow. If you have an amazing idea that your school wants in the app, we'll do what we can to make that dream a reality.  
Work Together

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  • SchoolBoard is ready to get your school started today! 
  • Want to learn more about how it works or to trial a demo for your school? Let us know! 
  • Take advantage of the best School mobile app platform on the market for an discounted sales price today!
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